Consulting for exhibitions on Persian arms and armor

3) Persian Treasures - Hungarian Collections: An exhibition titled Persian Treasures - Hungarian Collections (Perzsa Kincsk - Magyar Gyüjtemények) took place in Völgységi Múzeum in Bonyhad, Hungary from October 18, 2012 to March 31, 2013.  An exhibition catalog iaccompanied this wonderful exhibition which also showed a number of wonderful pieces of Persian arms and armor kept in Hungarin collections. More

2) Weapons and Combat in the Shahname: An exhibition titled "Weapons and Combat in the Shahname" was held by the Cultural Institute of Bonyad in Tehran, Iran from January 15-25, 2013. Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani acted as a consultant for this exhibition, which showed a number of old miniatures of the Shahname and a selected number of Persian arms and armor: More

1) The Power of Iranian Steel: From Iron to Crucible Steel

The exhibition was held by the Cultural Institute of Bonyad in Tehran from February 16 to March 02, 2011. Dr. Khorasani worked as a historical arms and armor consultant for this exhibition. He guided the museum in selecting and describing 65 exquisite pieces of Iranians arms and armor including bronze and iron weapons, edged weapons (swords, qame, qaddare, daggers, knives), armor (shields, armguards, helmets), firearms (muskets and pistols) and some bowls and paintings depicting fighting scenes. Many of the items at the exhibition are decorated with beautiful gold-inlaid and gold-overlaid floral and vegetal designs.  More