Interview with Cultural Connect in May 2006

Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani has an ecclectic background by almost any measure: an  Assistant Vice President  at an International German bank, an avid  sword aficionado,  martial  arts instructor and is an  author of an 800-page book on rare Iranian arms and armor. That's still only just scratching the surface of his interests and passions. Khorasani is in the end a historian of sorts - a well respected scholar that has been given rare access of museums that house royal collections of Iranian royalty. A truly unique individual, we find Khorasani with his legs knee-deep in a profession even more unique than himself. Find  out more about the interesting 'dual life' Manouchehr leads as we feature him in this week's Young & Professional Profile.


Whats your niche?

Gaining access for the first time to ten Iranian museums, displaying the royal collections of Iranian kings and rulers, representing data from the primary and secondary Iranian sources which have been unknown up to now, and international work experience in different corporate cultures in different cultural and international settings.


What's in store for the future?

I am going to publish many other titles on Iranian arms and armor. Two which will follow next are:

1) A lexicon of Iranian Arms and Armor: this lexicon will be based on over 800 primary and secondary sources and explain all the related terms on the Iranian arms and armor. At the end of the lexicon a catalog of 30 select pieces of Iranian arms and armor from Middle Eastern and European collections will be shown;

2) a book on Persian swordsmanship and martial arts based on ancient manuals from Iran and a whole set of miniatures from Iranian museums and collections, and as well a study of traditional wrestling and martial arts of Iran. My goal is to revive this noble Persian martial art; and 3) I would like to compare the Asian treatises on strategy and warrior code such as “The Art of War” and “The Book of Five Rings” to the Persian medieval treatises on war, strategy, and futuwwatname. I would like to establish certain patterns, which might have influenced the business cultures in respective countries. Unexpected learnings along the way The arduous and enduring process of editing; for my first book, I have worked with a very professionalteam of seventeen editors and it was a big learning experience for me.


Who would you like to be contacted by?

Any international company with business involvements in the Middle East.