On Sunday 13 Esfand 1385 (March 4, 2007), the team of the National TV Channel Two, led by the famous TV host Ms. Afruz Eslami, arrived in the safe of the Cultural Institute of Bonyad to conduct an interview with me.  I am especially thankful to Ms. Mitra Etezadi for having established this contact and this interview, and I would also like to thank Ms. Afruz Eslami and her team for giving me the opportunity to present my book and further research on the Iranian National TV (Seda va Sima).  It was early afternoon when the Ms. Afruz Eslami’s team entered the safe.  As we all knew her from TV, she was very professional, and after greetings, the cameramen and sound specialists set up their equipment.

The filming took over two hours.  Different sequences were made, and some sequences were made twice.  Ms. Eslami explained that the different sessions would be cut and put together later for the national TV broadcasting.  The background of filming was also chosen very well.  The team decided to have the wall where many swords and edged weapons were displayed and stored as the background for the interview.  Ms. Eslami started the interview with questions related to my research.  She started with the reasons of the research and continued with the copper and bronze eras and the related arms and armor.  Then, we moved on to the Iron Age and the introduction of steel.  Ms. Eslami showed special interest in the making of crucible steel.  There are marvellous examples of Persian shamshirs in the safe of the Cultural Institute of Bonyad.  I showed Ms. Eslami a marvellous shamshir with a ladder of Mohammad pattern (20 rungs on each side).  This was by far the best ladder of Mohammad pattern I had ever seen.   The camera team took close-ups of the blade.

Ms. Eslami also wanted me to give a short introduction about other types of weapons, such as axes, maces, and bows.  I explained the complicated procedure of making the composite bow.  The good thing about the interview was that there were all types of arms and armor, and I could show them to Ms. Eslami.  I would really like to thank Ms. Afruz Eslami and her team for their kind cooperation and help. On Thursday 17 Esfand 1385 (March 8, 2007), Ms. Eslami appeared in the news of the Channel Two at 8:30 p.m., and at the end of the program, she introduced my book and research and also the site of my publisher related to my book.  I was really happy and thankful.  She had already informed me that the whole interview would be broadcast on three national channels in Iran country-region and satellite broadcasts in the USA, Europe, and Oceania soon.