The Development of Controversies: From the Early Modern Period to Online Discussion Forums
! January 13, 2009
its an excellent study and analysis of a modern online controversy. I enjoyed reading about the strategies, tactics, and similarities of the online discussion forums and having them contrasted with early modern strategies. I have to say it is very well done and a good read !
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Online forums are growing environments in that members discuss on a topic. Its not uncommon to see a controversy in each forum. In this great book for the first time Dr. Khorasani analyzes tactics used by members of online forums to attack, defend, counter attack or deflect an attack. Dr. Khorasani takes two forum as examples and analyzes the different methods people use to gain victory over other users. Much of the tactics are the same tactics as people use in political and religious debates. I am not an expert in linguistics but I easily could understand the presented tactics. Dr. Khorasani did a great job as usual.