» I am a collector of oriental and Islamic swords and my name is Professor Massimo Lombardi. My profession is ophthalmic surgeon in Rome, Italy. I have read and consulted your book "Arms and Armour from Iran", and I want to congratulate you for your great and interesting work. It was time to read such a deep and well-presented research on Iranian sword making. I mostly have appreciated you research on the "mysterious Assadollah of Isfahan" and I find your study and argumentation on this subject very clear and explained its usage over centuries. I think that this book represents a milestone in the research on "Johar swords" and every serious collector should have a copy of your book to read for consultation. I hope this will not be the only book written by you, and I can officially invite you to inspect and analyze my own collection to eventually produce a second one on my swords. «Prof. M. Lombardi

» I am not the bigest collector, neither I have the most complete library on arms and armor. But the book of Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani is trully outstanding!Everyone knows "similar" books which are available on the market today. Some of them have very nice pictures and short description of the pictured items. Unfortunatelly some other books have only nice pictures and "fairy tales" about the pictured items. "Arms & Armor from Iran" is many PARASANGES forward in comparison with any other book writen on this subject. Is a great work which impresses not only collectors and people who have knowledge about the subject, but also any simple and occasional reader who 'll hold the book in his hands for a short time.The perfection of Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani's work, shows not only the high level of his scientific knowledge on arms and armor of his home country, but also his pure love to them ! In few words, it can be the "BIBLE" or "QURAN" of any serious or amateur collector ! Congratulations to Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani ! We are looking forward his next book !«
E Platsidakis

»… your book on Arms and Armour from Iran arrived this week, to join other revered works in the Library of the Antwerp Etnographical Museum (Belgium). On arrival, it had caught the eye of the museum staff, as its physical presence is impressive... But the "Near Eastern" area specialist was delighted with the acquisition! And for me, it will be an equal delight delving into the contents. Well done... and thank you. «
W. Durinx

» … I iust received the book and it's too early for a review of it that would do it justice as it's going to take some time to read it all ! But a first impression just flipping the pages and looking at the photographs is ALL GOOD. It seems like the subject is treated in much more depth and variety of approach than the usual picture book that touches mostly on the art history aspects and a bit of history: Again, at a glance, there is a full historical background and a lot dealing with the use and design of Iranian weapons and armour. Exactly the sort of thing one wants to read when one's interest in in historical weapons and what most " scholarly books "written by art historians or museum curators usually don't mention at all. The book is also physically HUGE and weighs a good 10 pounds. One can get a workout just carrying it from room to room. The book is divided into 50% of it's thickness being solid gold as far as information with simple line drawings and black & white photography. The last 50% of the book is filled with some of the best full colour photography I have seen anywhere and the captions next to the Photos so that one need not look at the first part of the book to get a description of what one sees on each page. ( something a bit tedious in some books where one has to look many hundreds of pages away to read about what is on the picture page. ) There are parts of the book dealing with such various things as the physical fitness exercises used traditionally by Iranian warriors to build strength and stamina. ( just one thing out of many I have just had time to skim. There are months worth of reading here and enjoying eye-candy ). The price was fully worth it for me..… Really great that the book is a resource for scholars but written in a clear and friendly style that can be enjoyed and understood by much wider public: One would wish that more books dealing with arms and armour were such a pleasant read. ( Form as well as outstanding content, text and visuals ) …«
J. Thibodeau

» Where is the "Two thumbs up button" ? The amount of material is overwhelming, and the photos show a detail I only knew from Nihonto books. Thank you very much for sharing your findings with us. The detail, the foot notes and your "complete" approach is overwhelming. I'll come back to you when I was able to get through the chapters that are of priority to my personal studies, but as of now please accept a big "THANK YOU" and my sincere congratulations I'm stunned with awe. «
A. Volk

»Prior to ordering this publication, I read all the other reviews so there was already a built-up expectation of excellence in what I was to discover when the book arrived. I can unequivocally, that not only did the reputation prove correct, but in every way,
the book still exceeded what I was to expect! The text is extremely detailed, the images fantastic, the construction of the book is of the finest quality. For most subject matters, one must build a large reference libary of many publications to give you the volume of information this one book provides. The price is steep but when you consider that it really is several books in one, it still proves to be a bargain. I think it would have been reasonable to publish this massive publication in multiple volumes which the buyer would then have to purchase individually and the sum of the prices would easily equal or surpass this publication's price. The author was highly privileged in accomplishing the impossible in his access to most of the artifacts he fully displays from Iranian military museum collections closed to the general public. This book opens the door, for the first time, to enjoyment and study of rare ancient weapons and armor that have never been seen before by the vast majority of the world. The mere publication of this book is quite an accomplishment unto itself. Everyone who appreciates arms and armor of the ancient world should include this book in their library.«

P. LaBrett

» My book by Khorasani arrived this morning and is absolutely beautiful. It is in perfect condition, arrived promptly, and it is a great pleasure to own. Please tell Mr Khorasani that he has made someone very happy and that my only regret is that I will never be able to see all the swords he has talked about. Many thanks and best wishes
K. Mavity

» Arms and Armor from Iran is an Academic study of immense proportions. Manouchehr Khorasani is not only able to transport us to the most important Persian
collections in the world, but able to educate us on those Works of Art in fine grain detail. Due to the authors shear hard work, the book is able to cover vast time periods in Persian history, and cover a wide range of relevant topics. Manouchehr has been able to fill a gap in my library, his book will continue to be my first port of call when researching Persian Arms and Armour. «
R. Singh

» WI've been relishing "Arms and Armor from Iran" for the last few weeks, and I have to say this is an exciting work. This is the book I would aspire to write if I were to attempt to create a definitive work on Iranian arms. As both a collector of historical edged weapons and a bladesmith, I'm very pleased I purchased the book. It makes accessible valuable information that I have wanted for years, and it presents it beautifully. Thank you, Manouchehr. «
G. McCormack

» Wyeh ketabeh gashang, khaili mamnoon [A beautiful book, thank you very much] Salam Manoucher Khan, I just got your book. I haven't had much time to read it yet,
only about 4 chapters, but great job! I think I agree with Lee. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work. I cant wait to get your other books, especially Persian swordsmanship. Dastit dard nakonee, lutfan.. [I would like to thank you, please . . .] «
J. Moayedzadeh

» A fantastic work on all aspects of arms and armour, I am gratefull to Manouchher Moshtagh Khorasani for perservering such a work of literary art, it truly is. I'd also add a note of appreciation to his lady wife, who has no doubt been with him through the hard work, which has led to us, fortunate readers being able to see his work in
print, it was also nice to see another friends name listed early in the work, Mumtaz and I talk a little here and there, but he kept this a secret, good on him, I also see other names I know from differing places, some good people to have worked with, the photo's are excellent, but the weights - measures etc, are a massive bonus,something oakeshott's work lacked was detailed measures,much to the dismay of many readers and smiths, I look forward to learning some of Iran's
history as I work my way through this work«
L. O'Hagan

»…Hello All, I have had this book for a few weeks now and am slowly reading the  text. I have looked at all the pictures though and that only took about  three days. I am impressed with the undertaking and the quality of the publication. In respect to the content and the physicality of the book... this is not a light text.  It is my hope that other authors will do the same volume of research  with other regions of the world as Manouchehr has done with Persian  work. All for now... I have metal to forge and pages to read…

R. Furrer

» Impressive work. Yesterday I have received the book "Arms and Armor from Iran". It is an impressive work, with very good quality information and photos. It is a reference book. Congratulations Mr. Manouchehr and many thanks to provide your knowledge to collectors of antique arms. «
L. Sala


» I  just received my copy and it is truly amazing. If you have any interest  in weapons from any era in Iran's rich past, you simply must own this  text. «
R. Nable


» …yesterday I was lucky enough to receive my own copy of your excellent new book, I saw it also before at my friend … Its a bit heavy, but the content is very unique. I have never seen so many Persian weapons, surprising ! This work will be a standard for any following books about Oriental Arms and Armors «
Dr.von Hoffmeister


»… I just received the book "Arms and Armour from Iran" by Manoucher Moshtagh Khorasani. It is at first sight at least very impressive with its 776 pages, more than 3 thousand images and a few kilos! It is a monumental work describing the time line of arms in Iran, in a way that even the less educated in Iranian history will understand it easily. The text is clean, straight to the point, based in well researched and quoted sources, prepared evidently with the precision of a master. The images are superb and helpful for any collector, independent of his/her historical area of focus. I can only thank to Manoucher his excellent work and congratulate ourselves, from simple private collectors to scholars, students, antique dealers, etc., for the benefit of the availability of this exceptional reference book. «
A. Melo


» It is a splendid and interesting book Am inspired and would like to congratulate you. «
K. Kollwig


» I just received your book a few hours ago. It is, besides from being heavy, very impressive, with very good pictures and a lot of details – I am looking forward to start the reading, as I am sure the text will be very interesting. No one seeing this book, can doubt the enormous work you have taken upon yourself, getting this book together, and we, the readers, can only thank you for having done the work, from which we now can benefit. «
J. Nordlunde

An excellent review of Iranian Armor January 23, 2007

This is a truly exceptional book that discuss not only the armor of Iran but also details metal work in general. Its list of references will no doubt guide others in the field, allowing a better understanding of steel production, use and export from Iran. Any scholar that is interested in weaponry, it manufacture and its use in the order of battle of Iranian armies should consider this as a prime reference. Its chapter on steel manufacture is truly interesting.

I also hope that this erudite and much needed study will contribute to the revival of the ancient art of metal work in Iran.
 H. Shafeian (Riverside,Ca USA) -
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This review is from: Arms and Armor from Iran: The Bronze Age to the End of the Qajar Period (Hardcover)
Dr. Moshtagh Khorasani provided a truly Encyclopedia of Persian Arm and Armors. My respect for him and his dedication to make such a monumental work. He is a rare historian who he is also active in reviving Persian martial arts; a forgotten art. Unfortunately this book is not very well known and is absent in almost all libraries. Dont let the price put you down, I believe it worth every penny. I look forward to purchase his next book about Persian swordsmanship.