Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Seminar: One of our areas of specialty is to train our customers to prepare and deliver their presentations and public
speeches in a more efficient and effective way. First, we consult our clients in
order to take certain "presentation variables" into consideration. Then we select for them the appropriate tools for their needs: tools that make a big difference in making a good impression on audience members. We train our clients to remember that it is they themselves that are the most important visual element in any presentation, and that preparing for a presentation or a public speech is not only about designing slides. 


  • To give effective presentations to an [international] audience,
  • To be aware of intercultural differences in international settings, specifically in financial roadshows.

Target groups:

  • Executives who present their company to international audiences,
  • Marketing and communications specialists,
  • Financial road-show specialists,
  • Salesforce.


  • The art of giving short presentations,
  • The structure of a long presentation,
  • Vocal variety: amplitude, tone, pitch, pace and color,
  • Body language: posture of the hands and legs,
  • Applying the Touch, Turn, Talk (3T) technique,
  • Establishing eye contact,
  • Creating and using visual aids,
  • Building rapport with the audience,
  • Handling questions including hostile questions,
  • Asking effective questions to facilitate discussions,
  • Considering intercultural differences in a presentation setting.


Lecture, discussions, work in groups, live presentations, video tape presentation and analysis.



2 days for the start up session

1 day for a follow-up session after six months

1 day refresher in one year


Number of participants:

6-8 participants



Upon request


In the following some of the presentation tools we work on during the seminar are presented briefly:

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