Dr. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani is the founder and owner of M. Khorasani Consulting (MMK) specializing in executive coaching, leadership, public speaking and intercultural training. Dr. Khorasani has conducted seminars in executive coaching, leadership, and intercultural training in the banking, insurance and law firm and real estate industries with more than 20 years of professional experience. He has taught across Europe in English, German, and Spanish in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland and UK. He also taught in different events in the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Malta, Italy, UK and Iran.


Dr. Khorasani is specialized in teaching and transferring intercultural skills.  As a trained English and Spanish linguist and teacher, he is fluent in both languages.  He has been teaching leadership, Presentation Skills, financial and business English and Spanish to a number of banks (such as Commerzbank), insurance companies and asset management groups (such as Allianz Global Investors), chemical, pharmaceutical and medical industries (German Cancer Research Center, DKFZ), and production companies (Egger Holzwerkstoffe Brilon).  He also teaches Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Coaching and Legal English to a number of leading law firms (such as Allen & Overy and Shearman & Sterling).  His areas of interest and research are the culture of following cultures: USA, UK, Spain, Mexico and other Middle and South American countries, Germany, France and Iran.  He teaches intercultural competence for the above-mentioned cultures.  Dr. Khorasani is also fluent in German, French and Persian.


Dr. Khorasani has also been teaching leadership skills to a number of companies.  He not only concentrates on classical leadership tools (goal setting and formulation, interim performance audit, performance appraisal, motivation, team development), but is specialized in Business Ethics and Practical Ethics.  He teaches Business Ethics to Master of Science Students in business administration at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. He also works for the "Akademie für wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung an der pädagogischen Hochschule Heidelberg" at University of Heidelberg. He also teaches business ethics and intercultural management to International School of Management (ISM) in the campus of Frankfurt am Main.


Dr. Khorasani has as written six books and published five books and is the award-winning author who won the prestigious awards of the Book Prize of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2012 for his book Lexicon of Arms and Armor from Iran: A Study of Symbols and Terminology and the Book Prize of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2009 for his book Arms and Armor from Iran: The Bronze Age to the End of the Qajar Period. He has also written 161 print articles(more than 100 in peer review journals worldwide).


Dr. Khorasani is an editorial board member and professor in the following institutions: 

1) Historical Weapons Research: Journal about the history of Weapons (Moscow, Russian Federation):

Dr. Khorasani is an editorial board member of the Russian journal on historical arms and armor "Historical

Weapons Research: Journal about the history of Weapons". Among hiscolleagues on the editorial board are

some of the best arms and armor researchers from the Russian Federation and curators from the Kremlin

Museums and Hermitage (St. Petersburg).

2) History of Antique Arms and Armor (Kyiv, Ukraine): Member of the editorial board of the conference "International Research Conference on the History of Arms and Armor in Kyiv (Ukraine) and the related book "History of Antique Arms and Armor. Researches 2016" Kyiv, Ukraine)

3) Academy of Science of Republic of Tajikestan (Dushanbe, Tajikestan): Supervision of the PhD of Mr. Nematollah Akbar in the field of Iranian Arms and Armor (PhD Candidate at the Academy of Science of Republic of Tajikestan and member of the Main scientific editorial office of the Tajik National Encyclopedia).

4) Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (Frankfurt, Germany): Professor of Practical Ethics for Master Students (MiS) at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (credited course); Currently supervising 4 Master thesis in the area of business ethics. You can contact Dr. Khorasani at: info@mmkhorasani.com


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