Selected seminars and classes taught by Dr. Khorasani

University / Company Topic Contents
1) Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (Frankfurt, Germany)

Practical Business Ethics

(Master Level; MIS Students; BA levels);

accredited course

1. Purpose and objectivity of ethics

2. Social responsibility

3) Principles vs. Consequences

4) Case study: Principles vs. Consequences, sticking to rules or maximizing utility?

5) Doctrine of double effect

6) The role of character in ethics

7) Conformity and Obedience

8) What is ethical behavior?  

9) Rational choice

10) Four frameworks for making ethical questions and feminist ethics

11) Feminist Ethics

12) Reflective Equilibrium 


2) Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

(Frankfurt, Germany)

Intercultural Skills for Iran (Bachelor level)

1) Cultural traits and features in Iran

2) History and culture

3) The concept of culture and its parameters,

4) Creating cultural awareness,

5) Low-context cultures and high-context cultures,

6) Shared beliefs and values,

7) Economy

8) Politics

9) Doing business in Iran

3) ISM (International School of Management)

(Frankfurt, Germany)

Intercultural management (Executive MBA); accredited course

1) The concept of culture and its Dimensions

2) ICM in Theory and Practice

3) Culture Shock, Corruption and Intercultural Challenges

4) Case studies

4) ISM (International School of Management)

(Frankfurt, Germany)

Intercultural management and Business Ethics (international Business Master Program); accredited course

Business Ethics

1) Introduction

2) Ethics: An Overview

3) Economic Ethics: Dilemma Structures and Concepts

4) Corporate Ethics: Actions and Conditions of Actions

5) Implementation of corporate ethics

6) Responsibility in the Field of Globalization


Intercultural Managament: 

As above

5) Zeppelin Universität (Friedrichshafen, Germany) Presentation Skills (Graduate Level students)

1) Structure (short and long presentations)

2) Visual aids (creating and using visual aids)

3) Eye contact (establishing different types of eye contact)

4) Touch, Turn, Talk (how to deal with the slides and audience in interaction)

5) Handling questions (how to answer questions to facilitate discussions)

6) Reflect, Respect, Respond (How to deal with hostile questions?)

7) Body language (Posture of the hands, legs, head and body)

8) Vocal variety (Amplitude, tone, pitch, pace and color)
6) Egger Holzwerkstoffe Brilon GmbH Co KG (Heidelberg, Germany) Interkulturelle Kompetenz - Türkei (Executives)

1) Was bedeutet interkulturelle Kompetenz?

2) Die eigenen Wurzeln?

3) Kultur als Orientierungssystem

4) Eisbergmodel im interkulturellen Bereich

5) Assoziationsspiel

6) Herausforderung

7) Stereotype und Vorurteile

8) Kulturmerkmale

9) Kurzprofil Türkei

10) Feiertage in der Türkei

11) Die erste Begegnungen in der Türkei

12) Geschäftsverhandlung in der Türkei

13) Geschäftsessen und private Einladungen

14) Aktuelle politische Lage in der Türkei
7) DHFZ (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum) (Heidelberg, Germany) Communication for efficient project management (Post docs and doctorates in research area)

1) Communication and feedback culture in project teams

2) Johari window and feedback

3) Johari window exercise

4) Active listening

5) Goal formulation and goal setting
8) Allen & Overy (Frankfurt, Germany) Presentation Skills and public speaking (partners and associates) See above but with an emphasis on public speaking
9) Clifford Chance (Frankfurt, Germany) Presentation Skills and public speaking (partners) See above but with an emphasis on public speaking
10) Allen & Overy (Frankfurt, Germany) Legal English (associates)

1) Legal English terms

2) Doublets and triplets

3) Legal drafting

4) Mediation and dispute resolution terms

5) Financial English

6) State law terms

11) Commerzbank

(Frankfurt, Germany and branches in Madrid, Dublin, London, Milan, Luxembourg, Brussels)

Leadership seminar

(Middle Management and group heads)

1) Goal formulation and setting

2) Goal agreement procedures

3) Feedback culture

4) Performance audit

5) The role of constructive criticism

6) Team development

7) Communication frameworks

8) Motivation
12) Allianz Global Investors (Frankfurt, Germany) 

Financial English

(all levels)

1) Specialized vocabulary

2) Clustering different types of vocabulary, 3) Word formation,

4) Functional grammar

5) Analysis of articles of WSJ, FT;
Economist and Business Week,

6) Writing skills,

7) Idioms and special cases